We had our doubts about mediation, but Beth put us at ease with her kind and understanding manner. Before we knew it we were hugging goodbye instead of screaming.    Jane & Stephen  - White Plains, NY
After two years of couples therapy and trying to make things work, it 
became clear that divorce was where we were heading. A friend of ours had used Simple Solutions Divorce Mediation for her mediation and suggested we contact Beth Spickler-Lerman to see if she could help us end our marriage. The stress and bad feelings lawyers so often bring into the mix were not part of our process.  Beth Spickler-Lerman understands how to get people to speak to each other and her methods of mediation are thoughtful, gracious and are clearly grounded in years of social work.  I highly recommend Beth Spickler Lerman and Simple Solutions in divorce proceedings instead of lawyers and courts.  - Helen and Larry C. - Hewlett, NY
I found Simple Solutions Divorce Mediation through a friend of a friend. I really did not want to put my children through needless stress I knew dealing with lawyers would bring. I contacted Beth Spickler-Lerman and she agreed to help us. I was amazed at how she turned what I had anticipated would be a long drawn out process into a relatively painless and swift experience with all parties walking away as friends. I would highly recommend Beth Spickler-Lerman and  Simple Solutions to anyone considering divorce.   - Elaine S. - Croton on Hudson, New York.